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    • Just Say "No" to Searches - 8th Circuit Court of Appeals - August 2, 2016

      U.S. v. Zamora-Garcia - consent to search vehicle sufficient to allow search that turned up drugs This is a simple example of why it is important to know, and exercise, your constitutional rights. The ...

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    • Maintaining the Right to Represent Yourself - 8th Circuit Court of Appeals - July 29, 2016

      U.S. v. Smith - While it is not always wise to represent yourself in court, you have the right to do it if you want to. In this case, a federal judge in Fayetteville denied a man the right to ...

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    • Warrantless Entry onto Property - 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, July 18, 2016

      U.S. v. Conerd - The Fourth Amendment has exceptions to the warrant requirement which sometimes render a warrant unnecessary Numerous exceptions to the warrant requirement of the Fourth Amendment ...

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    • The Difference Between Public Defenders and Private Attorneys

      When I was still in law school I practiced law under something called “Rule 15.” Rule 15 allowed law students to practice law under the supervision of a licensed attorney after the student completed a ...

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    • Why You Won't Have Your Rights Read to You After Arrest

      Most people are familiar with Miranda rights: "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say..." But many of my clients are quick to tell me during intake that the arresting officer never read ...

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    • Oversharing on Social Media Can Cost You

      According to Facebook there are more than one BILLION active accounts on their platform. And many users are in the habit of posting photographs, sending messages, and generally sharing nearly every ...

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